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The stars, according to Suze which is what I would name her daytime call-in talk show if she had one , are pointing to a new career opportunity that has major financial potential, as well as the potential for lots of attention and praise. I think that if compliments were a liquid they would be grenadine, right? This means that even though this new career opportunity might fall into your lap, be cautious about making things official until next month. Phew, I get so tired doling out retrograde warnings. Ye must not travel while the spinning orb of the gods dances backwards lest chaos befall you!!

Oh, queen of any gender, do I have the friggin drink for you! This is what you need to take the edge off a difficult week, or just to match a good pink-toned going-out look. Hello scorpling darling, may I just say that your exoskeleton is positively radiant these days? I sat beneath a giant quartz crystal pyramid and contemplated the messages that the stars have for you during this tumultuous month of eclipses and retrogrades and I have realized that the general vibe that you should be emanating this month is ease.

Both the eclipses—a solar eclipse in the beginning of the month and a lunar eclipse towards the end of the month—will be very dynamic for you. Luckily for you, the new moon eclipse is in the water sign Cancer, which is super complementary to your energies. This suggests that you will be intrigued by whatever spontaneous travel plans show up on your agenda.

In order to keep your head or your cephlothorax, as it were , you must remain at ease and open to the possibilities this month, because a lot is coming at you. Thank you so much for stopping by, hit me in the comments with your choice of the most vacation-ready shade of toenail polish. I have selected a pineapple peach vodka slush as your go-to drink for July. Plus it is a slush, because the slush is the ultimate form of summer drink and I love you.

Imagine yourself walking into an imposing office with a massive desk made of dark wood that looks so impossibly heavy and substantial you are sure that it will outlive human society as we know it. Behind the desk is a large oxblood leather chair containing a shadowy figure who is gazing out the massive office windows. Upon your entrance, the chair spins slowly around to face you, and sitting in that expensive-looking chair…is you! Only you look older, wealthier.

You have massive shoulder pads, a large pinky ring, and a stern expression.

Sit down child, it is time to discuss your finances, because one day all this will be yours. Oh my gush, do you have the chills? Just cold from the air conditioning? Both of these naughty eclipses will be shaking things up in the financial houses of your chart. With the solar eclipse in the beginning of July, you will be spelunking into your contemplative depths to think long and hard about money—your relationship to the money you have right now, and how to make more of it.

Suze sees that there might be some kind of financial windfall, maybe having to do with your family. Be warned though: By the end of the month, the lunar eclipse might bring up some unexpected bills, so gird your loins and your money belt, just in case. And Mercury is in retrograde all this month so if that money is coming with documents you need to sign, try to push it off until August. Oh you sweet cuddly sea-goat, welcome to the summer, or as we call summer around my apartment, Ol Man Sum-Sum.

Cap, I have such high hopes for you. I hope that you find the summer trousers of your dreams. I also hope that you are ready for all the intimate happenings that the stars have in store for you this month. The new moon solar eclipse in early July will have you focused on your closest human partners. This could be your lover or, as we call those around my apartment, your lil romance buddy. It could also be your business partner or your closest collaborator.

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The lunar eclipse at the end of the month will be all about you getting real intimate with your own desires. Eclipses are known to really shake things up, to rock the boat, to crack some eggs, to do all those things various English idioms do to imply unexpected events that shift your perception. Here are some new idioms along these lines that I submit for your consideration— to wiggle the toes, to drop some sushi in the soy sauce dish, to put some salt in the sugar bowl—please give feedback in the comments section, thank you. Since both of these eclipses will have you considering if you feel fulfilled, it is important to be gentle with yourself and try not to react to the upheaval so much as respond.

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Yes, I am ominously suggesting that the stars are forecasting breakups and shake-ups this month, but they may not take the form you expect, and they surely will help you grow into your truest self. My mother always said, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then, put some gin in it. But my children will one day say that about their mother because it is now one of my life mottos. Like this cocktail, Cucumber Gin Lemonade. Without the lemons, you would just be drinking cucumbers and gin like a friggin alien.

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Everything is gonna be just fine. Oh you dear sweet Aquarius, lil angel of the avant garde, pusher of boundaries, reacher for the stars, I hope that in June you found a signature perfume, got a free upgrade to first class at the airport, and got yourself some of those nice hangers made of wood.

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I wish this for you both because you deserve every good thing this world has to offer and because, according to the stars, the immediate future has some changes a-brewing on the home-front and I want you to be ready. The solar eclipse on the new moon will ask you to consider your daily routine.

How are you spending your time? If you were to do a pie chart of the things you gave your attention to every day, what would the biggest slices be? Perhaps your biggest slices include hours spent online shopping for wigs in order to disguise yourself so completely that your neighbors think that there are multiple people living in your apartment! Whatever your time pie slice might represent, the eclipse is pushing you to consider whether or not these activities align with your highest intentions.

Also important: Suze, has predicted that if there is anyone who has been doing some dirty dealings behind your back, expect that shit to come to light around the 16th.

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So it turns out that there is a cocktail named after pretty much everything, how exciting is that! When channelling the theme of your astrologically defined libation, I really found that grace is the word you need to swallow and then digest and let it be transformed by your organs and blood and stuff into full embodiment!

Wow, I am so excited that we are getting a chance to chat, Pisces! This first solar eclipse in the beginning of the month will be in your fifth house of love. With the eclipse in watery Cancer, the celestial energy is creating incredibly favorable conditions for you to thrive. For you, this month of watery confluence is like when cynobacteria popped into existence 3.

How so, you ask?

Well, these v important early life forms were only able to exist because of the improbably perfect aqueous conditions. Wow I love talking about early life forms and bacterial generosity, but we must return to your astrological messages, Pisces, because I have more to tell you. The second eclipse in Capricorn could bring to light some secrets or betrayals in the friendship arena. But, luckily for you, the Capricorn energies complement your own and this revelation will rather quickly work itself out in your favor.

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Bratz doll that tells you to loosen up and put on some eyeshadow, for instance, because Mercury is retrograding and likes to be mischievous with tech. That was so fun! I will super miss you so please come back with updates re: your love life in August and also hmu for more bacteria talk. Channelling all astrological and thematic information from your reading this month, I have decided that you should probably be doing jello shots. Libra got champagne! Chew your jello shot and count your blessings.

Fire child, July is going to be quite a month for you. The big news this month are the two eclipses and Mercury retrograde.

These fashion documentaries will give you a rare insight into an elusive world

During the solar eclipse in the beginning of the month, you could see some major changes in your living situation or your home life. This could mean a renovation or an all-out relocation. Suze says that Uranus in your second house of earned income is shining some light on this eclipse so it is very likely that the necessary hatbox purchase will be at a much better price than you imagined.

That was the fluffy brioche of your sandwich. Now for the unhappy meat, say, a bologna? Or perhaps a very dry slab of turkey? Unexpected costs could crop up this month, especially related to artistic endeavors. Just some retrograde and hypothetical almost-dead iguanas to dodge!

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The stars and I recommend a strong drink with a punny name to lift your spirits through July. Rosemary, Baby is a delightful lemony bevvie with the classy herbal addition of rosemary. An elegant drink for entertaining, or to round out the flavor of an unhappy meat sandwich. You precious mammal with beautiful hands, how are you? We could have done goodie bags, I could have baked, there would have definitely been a theme, it would have been so good. In July, all this work is going to be bolstered and pushed forward by the two eclipses, both of which are happening in the parts of your chart that have to do with writing, lecturing, and basically just communicating your brilliance to the world.

According to Suze, the solar eclipse in the beginning of the month is likely to open up the possibility for new opportunities, especially in the realm of communication, so be on the lookout for that kind of thing. Once you land your new gig, or really begin creating in earnest, Mercury retrograde has some challenging flies in your ointment. During a retrograde such as this, you will be prone to making little slip-ups. For the ranking that runs from Monday 8 April to Sunday 14 April click here. You want to go back to the top, look for solutions and try alternatives , especially if you think it is not worth trying certain situations.

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In addition, it should be remembered that on Thursday there will be a time of conflict due to the usual passage of the dissonant moon that can cause some problems. Good emotions return on Saturday and Sunday. Whoever is at a crossroads on a professional and work level, now has to do some important choices. Part-time or project work should also be performed. Not all problems will be solved this April, also because Saturn still remains dissonant, but one can count on some new orientation , perhaps in a new part-time successful business.