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Sidereal or Tropical Astrology?

That means your sun sign is probably different in sidereal astrology than in tropical astrology. They considered it more accurate since it is based on an actual link between the time of birth and the natural world as opposed to a theoretical position based on the seasons of the earth. There are twelve signs in the tropical system.

The sidereal system contains the same signs with the addition of Ophiuchus.

Western Sidereal Astrology Is A Sacred Science:

It is represented as a man grasping a snake. If you were born between December 7 and December 18, you fall under Ophiuchus. This means you are spirited, magnetic, curious, impulsive, and clever. You have a thirst for wisdom and knowledge. You have an excellent sense of humor. However, you are jealous, secretive, single-minded, and have a horrible temper. The second you mistrust someone, you shut them out of your world forever. You are also an introvert and avoid situations where you are not in control.

The remaining twelve zodiac signs are also found in the tropical system.

Although their dates differ, the personality traits associated with each sign are similar. Here is a rundown of each sign in case yours is different than what the tropical system led you to believe:.

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If you are an Aries , you are energetic, tenacious, and heroic. You are also impatient, combative, and aggressive. If you are a Taurus , you are romantic, grounded, and supportive.

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You are also vain, possessive, and stubborn. You are also deceptive, distracted, and superficial. You are also uncommunicative, hypersensitive, and defensive. If you are a Leo , you are generous, entertaining, and warm.

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You are also arrogant, jealous, and blunt. If you are a Virgo , you are practical, organized, and resourceful. You are also critical, reserved, and overwhelmed. If you are a Libra , you are social, fair, and charming. You are also indecisive, manipulative, and unopinionated. If you are a Scorpio , you are passionate, brave, and magnetic. You are also secretive, obsessive, and probing.

Sidereal Birth-Chart Calculator

If you are a Sagittarius , you are optimistic, enthusiastic, and bold. You are also reckless, irresponsible, and overconfident.

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If you are a Capricorn , you are responsible, ambitious, and hardworking. You are also unforgiving, pessimistic, and cold. If you are an Aquarius , you are independent, open-minded, and inventive.

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You are also detached, irrational, and idealistic. If you are a Pisces , you are comforting, sympathetic, and intuitive. You are also gullible, clingy, and self-pitying. Houses represent the areas of life that are most important to you. Post by FlorencedeZ. Quick links. What do you want to talk about? It may be easier for you to copy these instructions before going to astro.


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