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He will want to be looked at, cherished, caressed and touched in public, even though he might have a problem showing his own affection among other people. Libra man is not easy to understand. His role in the world is to find general balance and you have to see how tough an assignment this is.


He has to judge, show us the weight of our Souls and give in to absolute justice. His ego is bruised and his priorities seem to be shuffled, while he might be lost on his own character and wishes, just out of a need to please others. In order to find peace, this man needs to break all his dependencies, be able to be alone, and leave any image or an opinion people might have about him without fear. He needs to become aware of who he is without the influence of others.

He can be disrespectful in the most ridiculous, passive way, sometimes unrecognizable to the person he dates, but he can also show an incredible understanding for his loved ones if he forms a strong emotional bond. He will probably want something expensive.

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He always wants something that looks fancy, with simple lines and an even boringly moderate shape and set of colors. Some moderate green might come in handy too. The perfect gift for him needs to fit his size and his mind. It needs to stimulate his intellect or be truly beautiful and tasteful.

14 Things Every Girl Should Know Before Dating A Libra Man

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Libras are too refined and gentlemanly to fight dirty. He will expect the same from you.

He values conversation, intelligence, honesty, and femininity

Your Libra guy loves to socialize. This is one man you will not have to coax into going to or hosting a party, and, oh, the parties that they give! They are the best! Libras are the ones who know everyone, and there is sure to be a famous face or two at one of their bashes. Libra men have so many friends and are so charming themselves, that it is hard to know where you stand, at least at the beginning of a relationship. They are very loyal once they commit, but until then, this air sign tends to flit around like a butterfly and is rather hard to pin down.

The Dark Side Of The Libra Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Initially, what you have to do is draw attention to yourself in a ladylike way and make him realize you are the companion he wants to spend his time with. Lovemaking is something Libra will look forward to with relish—rarely will he want anything quick or rushed.

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He enjoys the process of seduction, something he has elevated to an art form, and he will take his time with his woman, careful to attend to her emotional needs as well as her physical ones. When you are getting ready to make love a Libra, wear your most elegant jewelry, like pretty earrings and a fine necklace, with little lacy underthings he can easily remove. Libra is ruled by Venus, who controls the arts, so music is very important to him and he will have a great stereo system at home.

Buying him a good car stereo or auto CD player is a great way to make sure he always picks you up in a wonderful mood. While he is driving and his hands are full, start to touch him—before you know it, you will be pulled over on a small dirt road, the music reaching crescendo, while he makes love to you in the back seat, just like two high school teenagers.

There is something devilishly lovely about doing it in the back seat of his BMW or Lexus many Libra men are lawyers, so they can afford good cars.

Libras appreciate subtle plotting like this. Pet him all the way home as he drives, helpless in his securely fastened seat belt.